Subject: Re: Problems with SysInst
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/23/1999 13:34:33
> From: "Andrew van der Stock" <>
> When I was using the upgrade feature of systinst to move from 1.3.2 to 1.4
> last week, I noticed that if /usr/include/machine was non-empty, it caused
> 5+ minute delays between pax sets with a clear screen. It also completed the
> unpacking before announcing that it couldn't go any further.
> If I wasn't such a persistant bastard, I'd have installed Linux by now. I
> think that this needs to be fixed. Which tarball has sysinst in it?
> I'm using a Digital VT510 80x24 serial console, and sysinst seems to think
> that 80x25 is the norm.

In 1.4 we switched to a default TERM of "vt100" and the wscons emulation
in the GENERIC and INSTALL kernels changed from "sun" to "vt100".  You do
get a chance to change your TERM when you start up, if on a serial console
that doesn't do "vt100", you need to type something else.

And yes, sysinst doesn't do upgrade very well. Actually, it doesn't do
anything very well IMHO.

We still have the old "install" and "upgrade" shell scripts in the isntall
kernel's ramdisk root. You can exit from sysinst and run them; they might
still work. However, the machine vs alpha problem isn't understood by those
scripts, either. I suppoe the install instructions should have suggested
something like: rm -rf /usr/include/machine /usr/include/alpha.