Subject: Re: installing on alpha (DEC 3000-300LX)
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Joao Pedras <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/22/1999 11:47:12
Hello Ross,

And thanks for your reply.

We have done just that. The machine is running NetBSD-1.4 at almost a week now,
without any problem. We used cdhdtape, following instructions from a README in
the directory you find cdhd.. in netbsd's ftp. We dd' it in the DEC OSF/1 that
was installed.

That idea was really good, especially for these old systems. And yes, the tape
is a DAT.

It also has a CD, but we didn't use, because it sometimes "doesn't like" burned
cd's : (

We did a ftp installation and all ran swell.

Just a shame the GENERIC kernel doesn't bring the NEW_SCC_DRIVER. We had to
plugin a serial terminal (glad we had those available), to the installation
process. When a specific kernel was compiled to that machine, we included the
NEWSCC option and the machine is currently using it's console (graphics card +
keyb + mouse). No X thought. Any news about this ?

About netbooting SRM, seems that those older firmware versions are indeed more
adequate for that kind of install, than new ones. Seems that newer versions are
crippled. The SRM was updated anyway to  a version from Oct 97, I believe. We
did that before we knew about that.



On 21-May-99 Ross Harvey wrote:
> Since you don't have a floppy, you need to install via netboot or CD.  As
> your machine has "old SRM", which usually does not netboot well, the CD is
> probably the way to go. Linux (sorry for saying it out loud :-) doesn't
> run on that either, so your choices are narrowed down to NetBSD and exactly
>       (1) write the NetBSD 1.4 `cdhdtape' image to a CD, boot that, and
>           ftp or nfs down the installation sets,
>   - OR -
>       (2) buy the bootable NetBSD/alpha 1.4 CD from Bob Nestor's non-profit
>           CD-burning operation. I think they cost $5.
> (The NetBSD web pages have pointers to all this stuff.)
> BTW, you said it had a tape drive, I presume it's a DAT?
>       Ross.Harvey@Computer.Org

Sent on 22-May-99 at 11:34:42
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