Subject: post-installation oddity on AlphaPC164SX
To: '' <>
From: Edwin Foo <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/19/1999 14:43:21
Hi all,

I've managed to successfully install NetBSD/alpha 1.4 on an AlphaPC164SX
here at work, but every time I boot, it insists on going into single-user
mode without any prodding. I edited /etc/rc.conf as per instructions from
the install doc, but I do not think it is even getting that far, since I do
not see the machine trying to execute stuff from /etc/rc. It only managed to
do the following:

* grok all devices
* glue the display and console together
* mount / off of sd0a

and then it immediately goes into the

"Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for sh: /bin/sh" prompt.

I made sure that all boot vars are set to null in the SRM - my first thought
was something being strange since "boot_osflags=0", but I unset that and it
still doesn't want to run /etc/rc.

Any thoughts? I'm sure it's something simple, but this is my first
experience running NetBSD on an Alpha and I'm not sure where to look next.


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