Subject: Re: netbooting 3000/400
To: None <>
From: Dave Johnson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/19/1999 11:38:15
Adam Sulmicki <> wrote:

> PS: I was wondering what's status of keyboard and mouse under DEC 3000
>     I have heard various report, some ppl saying it works, some that it 
>     does not -- the reason that I ask was that I was considering to try to 
>     fix it.
> Adam

I can't remember who I replied to answering this, so I figured I'd summarize
again for the mailing list...

I got replies from two people who had it working.

The stock NetBSD 1.4 alpha will boot on a DEC 3000/300 with a serial console,
using the scc serial driver.  At that point you can grab the kernel sources,
configure a new kernel based on arch/alpha/conf/TCWSCONS, which switches to
the zs serial driver and turns on NEW_SCC_DRIVER.  This should support the
keyboard, mouse and SUN/VT100 console emulation.  I don't have a RGB
monitor that supports 1280/1024 with sync on green, so I haven't tried it
yet.  I don't know how much work has been done or is left to be done to
get X to display on it, but it should just be a "simple matter of programming"

	-- ddj