Subject: RE: netbooting 3000/400
To: None <>
From: Jonker, Harm <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/18/1999 10:06:52
> > Is tftp broken on v7.0?  I guess I could try MOP -- My 
> vaxen need it,
> > and so I know my configuration there works...
> MOP works, (the file is downloaded,) but the netboot file isn't in MOP
> format, so it bombs out.  Is there a MOP format netboot file for
> alpha?  (assuming tftp is hopeless?)

I had the same problems.
If you dont need v7.0 firmware for a specific reason then I my solution is:
you can go back to v6.3 firmware with MOP (firmware v6.3 images for MOP are
available on the net), next you can netboot with bootp and tftp.
Harm Jonker