Subject: netbooting 3000/400
To: None <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/18/1999 01:32:14
I'm trying to get NetBSD on a 3000/400, and having problems with
netbooting from a DECStation 5000/240 running 1.4.

With SRM v6.1, tftp worked well enough to get the second stage
bootstrap, but complained that either my firmware was too old, or I had
to hard code an ethernet address into netboot.  I compiled up a copy of
setnetboot on my DECStation, and used that to stick the ethernet address
into netboot, but I still got a "prom_init: open failed: 4" error.

Soo... I got ahold of v7.0, and successfully updated the ROMs...  but
now tftp doesn't work at all.  (I get a timeout failure.)

Doing a tcpdump, a normal tftp looks like this:

01:04:51.682055 > 24 RRQ "aragorn/netboot"

while with the v7.0 SRM, I get this:

01:05:01.806929 > 24 tftp-#0 [tos 0x1]

which I guess tftpd doesn't understand... (and I don't know the meaning
of either.)

Is tftp broken on v7.0?  I guess I could try MOP -- My vaxen need it,
and so I know my configuration there works...

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