Subject: Re: multia firmware problem
To: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
From: Wim Vandeputte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/17/1999 18:32:34
On Sun, 16 May 1999, R. C. Dowdeswell wrote:

> Well, I think that you should try a serial console (unplug the
> keyboard for this).  If that works, try replacing the keyboard.
> I've noticed that the SRM console is really picky about the keyboards
> that it recognises.

Oh yes it can be very picky about the devices hooked up ps/2 ports, I've
seen a lot of Multia's which do not detect anymore the hooked up ps/2
keyboard, even if it works fine.

One of the causes I found was somebody using a serial -> ps/2 converter
for his mouse, thus 'breaking' (blowing?) something inside the machine.

Now, even with the mouse and converter removed and with a fresh keyboard
and mouse, the system will just assume there is nothing hooked up thus
booting with 'serial console' only, leaving a blank screen.

Is there a way Hardware/Software to avoid this?

Putting in a fresh SRM does not solve the problem. Maybe a patched SRM?