Subject: Re: multia firmware problem
To: Scott Lipcon <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/16/1999 14:40:08
Well, I think that you should try a serial console (unplug the
keyboard for this).  If that works, try replacing the keyboard.
I've noticed that the SRM console is really picky about the keyboards
that it recognises.

On 926877435 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Scott Lipcon wrote:
>I just got a multia, 166mhz.  I'd like to run NetBSD on it, but I'm 
>having trouble.  It had the NT firmware on it, so I followed the multia 
>faq on and downloaded the latest firmware disks from 
>digital.  I followed the instructions to update the firmware, but it 
>failed for some reason... from then on, when I boot it up, all I get is:
>  Multia SRM Console  BL5 V3.8-36, built on Jan 12 1996 at 17:47:14
>at the bottom of the screen.  No keyboard input does anything, and it 
>doesn't continue (I waited a good 15 minutes)
>so I tried the failsafe jumper, using the failsafe disk from digital - 
>it does the same exact thing.
>I really don't think its a hardware problem, because using failsafe 
>mode and a Linux MILO disk, I can boot in to Milo with no trouble.  
>From milo, I can then boot off of a linux floppy (I'm installing RedHat 
>6.0 right now)
>Does anyone have any ideas?  I'd really rather run netbsd on this 
>machine, but it seems that the ARC/SRM stuff is broken, while milo 
>Thanks for any ideas,
>Scott Lipcon

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