Subject: multia firmware problem
To: None <>
From: Scott Lipcon <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/16/1999 13:57:15

I just got a multia, 166mhz.  I'd like to run NetBSD on it, but I'm 
having trouble.  It had the NT firmware on it, so I followed the multia 
faq on and downloaded the latest firmware disks from 
digital.  I followed the instructions to update the firmware, but it 
failed for some reason... from then on, when I boot it up, all I get is:

  Multia SRM Console  BL5 V3.8-36, built on Jan 12 1996 at 17:47:14

at the bottom of the screen.  No keyboard input does anything, and it 
doesn't continue (I waited a good 15 minutes)

so I tried the failsafe jumper, using the failsafe disk from digital - 
it does the same exact thing.

I really don't think its a hardware problem, because using failsafe 
mode and a Linux MILO disk, I can boot in to Milo with no trouble.  
From milo, I can then boot off of a linux floppy (I'm installing RedHat 
6.0 right now)

Does anyone have any ideas?  I'd really rather run netbsd on this 
machine, but it seems that the ARC/SRM stuff is broken, while milo 

Thanks for any ideas,

Scott Lipcon