Subject: Re: DEC3000 kbd/mouse/display status?
To: Dave Johnson <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/09/1999 22:40:15
> I'd like to know if anyone is working on support for
> console devices (not serial console) on the DEC3000
> boxes.  I know the port status page says they are not
> supported, but I was hoping there had been some progress
> somewhere.  Does the WSCONS project have any plans to
> integrate with zs mouse/kbd and builtin framebuffer?

The last time I looked at this, it was working with the
NEW_SCC_DRIVER defined.  I haven't booted my 3000/400 in
a while, but the kernel that's on it does run more-or-less
OK with that code.  I need to try it with 1.4 or more modern
-current when I can find the time (not anytime soon)-: