Subject: Re: 1.4_BETA available for d/l
To: None <>
From: Kevin <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/05/1999 23:40:31
At 01:36 AM 5/3/99 , Ross Harvey wrote:

>The BETA version of NetBSD-1.4 is now available for download.
>         Ross.Harvey@Computer.Org

Okay.  What's the easiest way to upgrade userland from the 19990325 
snapshot.    I am already tracking the 1.4_beta kernel.  The only way I can 
boot the install kernel is via bootp/nfs.  This is a big chore and would 
rather not do it.  Can I boot into single-user mode and just extract the 
tar files on top of my installed user files?  I guess the only problem with 
this would be orphaned files left around from the old system.