Subject: Re: ...another freakin Multia user
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/12/1998 12:59:42
> From: Nathan Gelbard <>
> Yup, just bought my Multia from cpumicromart ;) me and the rest of the
> world.
> I put 64mb of parity RAM in, and a 2gig IBM scsi disk.
> I loaded the new SRM firmware from a floppy, no problem, no errors.
> I booted the NetBSD/alpha install disk and am getting about 15 soft read 
> errors (a 4 line error message each time) in the process of loading the
> kernel. I've tried about 5 different disks, and different drives to write
> it with.
> Do I have a bad floppy drive, or is somthing amis with the the drive
> settings? 

You didn't say if the boot eventually worked or not. If it did, then I
would say you just have a noisy SRM, and don't worry about it. I've seen
Multia's do this...some do...some don' doesn't seem to matter.