Subject: Re: alpha
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Adam Mazza <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/19/1998 16:56:40
> > From: elektron <>
> >
> > i have an alpha-station 4/233 and i have recently d/l'd NetBSD. uhh, it
> > seems that after i boot my machine locks up. sometimes i can type install
> > and hit enter but still, after that, frozen. anyway i used to have the
> > 8-meg tga card but i replaced it because it isn't supported for shit. now
> > i have a S3trio64v+ or something but anyway to get to the point, i was
> > wondering if anybody had any ideas or has had this problem before...
> >
> > thanx...
> >
> >
> > phil freeman
> >
> We support that machine pretty well...lots of us have exactly that system.
> Did you get it from, BTW? :-)
> It wouldn't hurt to connect up a serial console and unplug the keyboard,
> at least until you get up and running.
> Also, we have lots of releases and snapshots out there. Mind telling us
> which one you are trying to install?  Right now, the only thing I know,
> and that isn't absolutely for sure, is that you are trying to run NetBSD.

Dame thing was happening to me with a Number Nine Motion 771 card, it
would get to different parts of the install then the machine would just
freeze up, once i hooked up a console all was fine. BTW the same thing
happened with OpenBSD as well.

Adam Mazza
Interport Communications - an RCN Company