Subject: Re: alpha
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/19/1998 13:41:55
> From: elektron <>
> i have an alpha-station 4/233 and i have recently d/l'd NetBSD. uhh, it
> seems that after i boot my machine locks up. sometimes i can type install
> and hit enter but still, after that, frozen. anyway i used to have the
> 8-meg tga card but i replaced it because it isn't supported for shit. now
> i have a S3trio64v+ or something but anyway to get to the point, i was
> wondering if anybody had any ideas or has had this problem before...
> thanx...
> phil freeman

We support that machine pretty well...lots of us have exactly that system.
Did you get it from, BTW? :-)

It wouldn't hurt to connect up a serial console and unplug the keyboard,
at least until you get up and running.

Also, we have lots of releases and snapshots out there. Mind telling us
which one you are trying to install?  Right now, the only thing I know,
and that isn't absolutely for sure, is that you are trying to run NetBSD.

What kind of drive did you put in? What's the boot floppy dmesg output?
(Note how using a serial console makes it easy to capture these things.)

   --Ross Harvey