Subject: Re: New DecStation 5000/200 owner needs help :)
To: Smurfie <>
From: Scott Sewall <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/15/1998 13:35:14
The DECstation 5000/200 is based on MIPS not alpha. You might have
better luck with a different mail list.

-- Scott

Smurfie wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just subscribed to this mailing list because i grabbed an old
> DecStation 5000/200 from school (and an old hp9000).
> After a lot of troubles to get it working (i don't have any video card
> inside, i had to find a terminal...), i noticed i could install NetBSD
> on it. Actually i'd love that because i don't have the Ultrix
> Installation tape. In fact i don't have any tape at all.
> Problem is that i'm a 100% beginner with NetBSD, i'm more into Linux
> than something else.
> So i've read the *BSD FAQs, the pmax installation howto, and manymore.
> I've found that it would be easier for me to use a disless installation
> : i got two linux boxes here on which i can create a ftpd/nfsd server...
> But i can't find any netBSD kernel to boot the DEC with.
> Can anyone help me with that?
> BTW i saw that it depends on the dec firmware i have if i can use tftp
> or can i check if i can use it?
> thanks,
> Arnauld Dravet