Subject: Re: Minor install nits
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/12/1998 11:20:16
> From: Dave Cherkus <>
> I'm re-installing 1.3.2 for the Alpha, and have noticed the following:
> 1) When running the kernel from the boot floppy, the install
> instructions indicate that I should be able to use the name reslution
> routines after populating /etc/resolv.conf, but in my case it didn't
> work.  I had to put entries into /etc/hosts so I could use nfs to do
> the rest of the installation.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Are you sure?  I just looked at the 1.3.2 notes and I do see a note w.r.t.
resolv.conf on setting up the final system, but in terms of the installation
instructions I see this:

	In order to save space on the install floppy, the resolver does
	not implement the DNS protocol, ignores /etc/resolv.conf and
	does only host table lookups.  You can specify all host addresses
	as IP numbers or you can enter the host names and numbers into
	/etc/hosts. For example, you can prepare a hosts table beforehand,
	and ftp(1) it down (by IP number) to /etc/hosts. This is not
	stored on the floppy but on the temporary ramdisk filesystem,
	so it must be repeated on any subsequent reboots from floppy.

Could you be looking at 1.3 maybe?

> : : :
> : : :
>         for file in /mnt/var/tmp/[a-z]*.tgz; do
>             echo $i
>             tar xpfz $i
> : : :
> Note how the second section uses 'file' in the 'for' statement yet uses
> '$i' in the 'echo' and 'tar' commands, which doesn't work.

Sigh, right. I fixed that a couple of months will note that it
is OK in the June 28 snapshot instructions.