Subject: problems with 100baseTX
To: None <>
From: nm <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/06/1998 10:42:18
I have an axppci33 system running 1.3.2 and a windows nt 4.0 system on the
fast ethernet.

Both have accton 10/100 pci cards (de* driver, DEC 21140)

They are connected via cat-5 and a fast hub.

on the NetBSD side here is how I ifconfig'd

ifconfig de0 media 100baseTX
ifconfig de0

This all works fine...
If I put both of thses boxes on a 10baseT ethernet cand ifconfig the media
to 10baseT everything works great.

but on a 100baseTX network they cannot communicate.  I can't ping the
nt box from the netbsd box.

but when I do ping, the light flashes on the hub and on the back of the cards
the lights light up showing that there is traffic (the ping request).

Also each card has a light that shows if its doing 100 or 10 and they both

I am stumped here...

What information would help trouble shoot this problem?