Subject: Re: Two unrelated problems on my AlphaStation 200
To: None <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/04/1998 12:26:08
You "need" more than 16MB of memory.  (I seem to recall ross saying that
the system got nearly, but not quite, to single-user for him on a 16MB
system, but even if it does get there it'll spend all its time paging.)
>I'd advise 48 or 64 if you can swing it, but, depending on what you're
>doing you may be OK with 32.  (I've got 32 in a machine that I use as
>a web and POP server, and it runs file.)  For a Long Time I did all my
>builds on a 64MB AlphaStation 200, running X, etc.

While I agree that 16 MB isn't enough to run an active un*x on, it should
be able to at least boot, and the requirements aren't very much beyond
that. On port-mac68k, I've seen people with 8 MB systems boot fine
(although that's a 32-bit system). On my AlphaStation, I just quit all of
my memory-hogging applications and Top reports active memory usage at under
6 MB:

Memory: 5784K Act 2736K Inact 248K Wired 54M Free 8K Swap 227M Swap free

Given this, I would hope that we could at least boot with 16 MB RAM. Even
with 2 fairly large MUDs, Apache, and compilations going, I've never gone
beyond about 40 MB active RAM usage, and usually hover between 25 and 35 MB.


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