Subject: Re: Source for AlphaPC 164SX?
To: None <>
From: Thor Lancelot Simon <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/24/1998 23:31:39
> I hate to ask this but... why do you need an MMJ cable?

Because in addition to the two 16550 serial ports on the motherboard, which
*are* in fact used by the SRM console in serial mode, the AlphaPC64 sports
an MMJ (it might be RJ45, but I'm pretty sure it's MMJ) jack which is for
the use of the SROM debugger.  I've been reliably informed that this is
the *only* serial port the SROM will talk to because it doesn't know how
to initialize the PCI->ISA bridge, etc -- and the flash memory of the board
is *completely* erased.  With the machine in this state, it can't even
talk to the floppy drive to failsafe boot.

I know the SROM debugger is able to start because pulling its jumper causes
the machine to emit a soft beep instead of just hanging completely catatonic.

I know two other people who've had their AlphaPC64 boards rendered useless
by the firmware update utility.  Caveat Emptor.