Subject: Re: Trouble booting on Multia
To: None <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/21/1998 18:14:46
On 21-Apr-98 spoke unto us all:
# Based on what I've heard already, I guess I'd better get specific.
# The RPs in question are all 4.7K pullups.  The numbers on the silkscreen are:
# E221, E222, E226, E227, E228, and E233
# The parts that we have seen that are bad, and it is bad parts, are all marked
#    ---------------
#   | 4820P-002     |
#   | -472          |
#   | xB 9435 B     |
#    ---------------

*DING* My dead multia (which behaves *exactly* like the post that started this
thread) has these exact parts on it.. just like you say.  

# Remember that there are several different models of Mulitas.  Ours are 166MHz
# ones, with a PCB number of 5022554-01 D1.

Yep.  mine too.

# Based on what we've seen, DEC got a bad batch of the 4.7K pullup RPs that 
# develop shorts between adjacent pins over time.  We now routinely replace all
# these RPs.  BTW, we also replace E215 with a 74ABT623.  This part buffers the
# ECC bits from DRAM and the ABT part seems to work much better at temperature.
# Once this is done, the Multias seem to be as reliable as anything else.

*WOW*  Where can I get these parts??? (now I need to start practicing my
soldering)  If this cures my multia woes (and those of many others I'm sure)
than I owe you a debt of gratitude..  Now I'm off to find my digikey catalog.

Tim Rightnour    -