Subject: Re: Speaking of the Multia... X anyone?
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/21/1998 08:24:43
> I haven't looked at X support at all yet, but IIRC this is the story:
> (I know this isn't exactly the answer you requested, but other people
> have asked more general questions recently.)
> 	1. The only X server that NetBSD/alpha ever had was a TGA
> 	   (not TGA2) that was tested primarily on the Multia.
> 	2. The diffs were to an older version of Xfree86 and they
> 	   don't directly apply to the current versions

But, the whole sources for the old version were provided.  There is
(or should be) nothing preventing people from building a server

> 	3. No one has hacked on this for a while, so it doesn't
> 	   work any more. (I presume it could be resurrected without
> 	   much trouble, though.)
> 	4. We just switched the low-level console code so if it
> 	   wasn't broken before it probably is right now in
> 	   -current.

The revision control files that jason has/had for the MD TGA X server
bits that I did included support for the new wscons code (though i
don't know if they'd be affected by the other changes made to the
wscons code).

> Part of the problem was the unfortunate way that Xfree86 configured the
> frame buffers: it assumed there was just one PCI bus, just one ISA bus,

"and, before anybody asks, no these assumptions are not necessarily
valid."  8-)