Subject: Re: 1.3 -> current
To: None <, port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/16/1998 13:36:31
> 	It seems that the Alpha port is like the mac68k port from a
> year ago -- it's better to track current than to stay with the
> release.  On my Mac, I would grab binary snapshots and compile my own
> kernels, and I was hoping to do the same with my Multia.
> 	What's the best way to move from 1.3 to current on the Alpha
> port?  I looked for a recent snapshot at in
> /pub/NetBSD/arch/alpha, but found only the compile toolchain.  If I
> grab the current-source tarballs, how do I go about compiling and
> installing a current kernel + userland?
> Thanks,
> --
>    Johnny C. Lam
>    Department of Statistics   
>    Carnegie Mellon University 

The best way to upgrade the entire system is to install a binary
snapshot. Recompiling everything from source will be quite difficult
for a number of reasons.

You could recompile a -current kernel with less work, but you would
find yourself recompiling things like config(8) in a piecemeal

I will have a new binary snapshot ready in a few days. Probably, you
should just install binary snapshots as they appear. Most of the
cautions against running -current don't entirely apply to tracking
-current via installation of binary snapshots...reloading -current
binaries is a fairly safe way of keeping up.