Subject: Re: Netscape on Alpha
To: John C. Hayward <>
From: John Franklin <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/07/1998 10:48:57
>    There is effort in getting a native version of Netscape on NetBSD on
> some ports.  Is anybody making a Alpha version?  Are there some 64-32 bit
> problems and is lessit(sp) reasonable to run on Alphas?

Are there!  I've just compiled lesstif from the 0.83 archive on
There are dozens of pointer<->integer warnings, dozens of "unused variable"
warnings (even excusing the rcsid defined, but not used warnings), and
a couple of other minor warnings.

The first few pointer<->integer warnings involve computing hash table 
entries based partially on the address of the Widget.  We could make these
go away if we used a long for the index table hash entry

The 0.82 archive from didn't compile at all.  It failed on
../../include/Motif-1.2/Xm/RCUtilsP.h:3: character constant too long.

John Franklin
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