Subject: Re: Samsung Boards
To: Heiko W.Rupp <>
From: Paul H. Anderson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/27/1998 11:25:44 has more alpha info under their alpha

I'm buying a bunch of alphas, but the reason I'm shying away from the
Samsung boards is because I don't see any obvious place to get the SRM
flash code from. 

I suspect that the LX board (their low end board) is based on the AlphaPC
164LX from DEC (which has the SRM available, of course), and that the BX
and UX are a new board that may not yet have the SRM - it may also never
have it, I suppose. 

The UX is pretty nice because it has 6 PCI slots (the picture I'm looking
at shows 1 64 bit, and 5 32 bit slots, rats), and 6 DIMM slots.  I was
hoping for at least 4 64 bit slots, so I could put 4 gigabit ethernet
cards in - oh well. 

Just checking their web site again, and it looks like the PC164UX only
goes to 667MHz (this must be a decrease - I remember that it used to say


On 27 Mar 1998, Heiko W.Rupp wrote:

> On that product sheets that I have here they write for BX and UX :
> 'Software Features: Linux (optional)'
> While for the LX it is:
> ' Win NT Alpha Bios Firmware, 
> NT os
> Linux 
> SRM firmware (OPTION)
> '
> Documentation: 164 LX Technical Reference.
> I asked a guy at the booth about documentation for (sup)porting NetBSD on
> these boards (I think they had a complete system including case etc.
> for < $3000). He said that he is one of those Linux on Alpha guys, but that
> we (=NetBSDies) could get Documentation.
> Address is:
> Quant-X Service & Consulting

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