Subject: gcc 2.8.1 on netbsd-1.3/alpha
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paul H. Anderson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/23/1998 12:34:15
Nobody asked, but I assume that some folks need gcc 2.8 for the c++
compiler improvements. 

I got it built this morning by doing the following:

1) work from a clean install of netbsd 1.3/alpha and toolchain

2) untar toochain-src.tgz, gcc-2.8.1.tar.gz

3) copy the following from toolchain/gcc to  gcc-2.8.1:

4) copy toolchain/gcc/configure lines 550 to 561 to the equivalent place 
in gcc-2.8.1.

5) comment out the include in config/alpha/alpha.c:1847

6) copy the files gcc-2.8.1/gcc-2.8.1/cp/inc/* to /usr/include/g++

7) follow instructions in INSTALL to build as usual

I haven't done any validation testing, except on my own application.  In 
particular, I'm willing to believe that there may be runtime exception 
handling problems (I'll find out soon).

I just wanted to post this before I forget how to do it, which will 
probably be a few days at most...


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