Subject: Re: unexpected halt of system while trying to print
To: Martin Heller <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/06/1998 09:09:44
> EXAMINE on SRM after halt gave:
>  PMEM: 0 000000000
> don't know if there were more or less zeros, but there was nothing
> else.


Unfortunately, 'examine' without any arguments doesn't do much.  You
need to give it the right args, and i forget what they are at the
moment.  "help examine" should help.  I seem to recall that it's like

	examine -gpr r0

to get the contents of r0, etc.  repeat for r0 -> r30.  8-)

> Another interesting thing:
> if I do a 'ktrace -t iencs cat anytext > /dev/lpt0' the system won't
> halt! But it won't print anything either ... a ctrl-C terminates it

That's not surprising; it's quite likely a subtle (in the code, not in
the effect 8-) timing problem, and ktracing will change the timing.