Subject: Re: DEC Alpha XL 366, can it run BSD?
To: Tom Linden <>
From: Wilko Bulte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/20/1997 09:22:48
As Tom Linden wrote...
> I thought some of the XL's also had SRM. My 266 doesn't as the flash is 
> only 512K.  So with the ARC console you have only two options, NT or 
> Linux.

The issue is not how much flash memory you have, but if an SRM console
exists at all. E.g. my NoName does not have enough flash to hold both ARC
and SRM at the same time. I got mine with ARC inside, and overwrote that
with SRM. 

Most machines, in contrast, have a flash that is big enough to hold the
SRM and ARC at the same time. You can switch console modes from the console
instead of re-flashing thing.

Another interesting question might be if the NT (aka ARC only) boxes
can/will run OSF/Unix PALcode. The story seems to be (?) that newer 
NT-only boxes no longer can do this. If I'm not mistaken this is another
reason that NetBSD wants SRM.

People will undoubtedly correct the above when I went astray.

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