Subject: Re: State of ALPHA alpha 1.3
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/09/1997 18:53:44
On 09-Dec-97 Curt Sampson spoke unto us all:

# There will be a 1.3 release, yes. It's not going to have a slick
# install, but it will exist.

I guess what I was asking is, do we consider it stable yet?

Most likely if you are running alpha.. it would be my guess that you don't
really need a "drool proof" install like sysinst.  The boot floppy would be
nice to get working though.  (it actually seems to work for me quite well..
other than the overruns, which are an annoyance.. not a "problem")

# I'm currently doing most of the duties associated with a portmaster.
# The BETA set is being built now; it should be available later this
# week. (I'm doing all this on AXPpci33s, which is why it's happening
# slowly.)

Let me just say that my thanks go out to you for picking up where chris left
off as far as portmaster goes.  Even if it's not official, you've been doing a
great job.  In my case you were very helpful in answering my annoying questions
about the little multia ;)  Just so the previous post doesn't come off the
wrong way.. I wasn't whining about the speed of our beta cycling..  I was more
concerned if it was being done period.  The README says "your portmaster is
currently working on these".  In the case of alpha.. thats a scarry statement. 

Tim Rightnour    -