Subject: Re: EGCS 1.0
To: Chris Csanady <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/08/1997 09:52:23
> Has anyone gotten this successfully compiled?  I have not been able to
> integrate the necessary changes from the NetBSD gcc config files/etc.  Are
> there any plans to get these changes integrated back into gcc and EGCS?

They can't be, as is.  Somebody needs to rewrite them from scratch,
and submit the rewritten versions to the appropriate GNU projects.

The same is true for the other NetBSD/alpha toolchain changes.

The problem is -- despite promises that they would -- CMU never signed
off on a release/assignment for those changes, so they could be
included in the GNU distributions.  I wrote them for CMU, and CMU owns
them.  Without CMU's release or assignment, the FSF folks people won't
integrate them (and I don't disagree with their reasoning).

I banged my head against the wall for approximately a year trying to
get CMU to do the right thing, both while I was employed there and
after I left.  I never had any success.  Apparently, the big problem
was that the person who'd signed such assignments in the past was no
longer empowered to do so, and there was no way to successfully run
the paperwork by the lawyers.

It should take a few hours to re-do the gcc changes, at most, if you
look at the existing specs file.  The gas/bfd changes shouldn't take
_too_ long, either.  The gdb changes (to implement software
single-step for the Alpha inside gdb) were a bit more involved, but
still weren't rocket science.