Subject: Re: your mail
To: Chris Csanady <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/30/1997 22:15:36
On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Chris Csanady wrote:

> Ok, I found the problem.  /usr/bin/cpp is not actually cpp, but a script
> pointing to /usr/libexec/cpp.  Try linking
> 	/usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-unknown-netbsd1.2G/
> to /usr/libexec/cpp.  This should make everything happy.  By the way,
> should this perhaps be in the FAQ, or readme or something?  Its quite
> nasty, and since it doesn't stop make, its not too noticeable..

Yes, i've been wondering what the best way to deal with this is.
Part of the problem, of course, is that the path above changes
depending on which version of NetBSD the toolchain was compiled
on, and which version of gcc you're using.

What I'll probably do is distribute base.tar.gz with /usr/libexec/cpp
pointing to /usr/local/libexec/cpp, and then make the latter a
symlink to the `real' cpp, and distribute that in toolchain.tar.gz.


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