Subject: Re: 1.3_ALPHA problems..
To: Mark H. Levine <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/30/1997 03:49:20
At 11:03 PM 10/29/97 -0500, Mark H. Levine wrote:
>Funny, our de driver comes up enabling the 100Base-T port, and
>we get the alignment errors until we can ifconfig the media back
>to 10Base-T.  What's the config option for the bootstrap media
>selection, and why can't it follow the console option setting?

It should be following the console option setting.  What does
ifconfig -m de0 show?  (dmesg output would be nice.)

>I find that coming up 100Base-T will immediately transmit jams
>on most of our 10BaseT hubs, which is entertaining.  That behavior
>can be controlled from the SRM (set ewa0_mode utp), but the driver
>seems to have its own idea, and when it sets 100BaseT, instead of
>actually transmitting the jam (as if the ewa0_mode were wrong) it
>merely gets alignment errors and limps along.

If you've set the mode via the console it shouldn't be trying to
autosense the media.  BTW, what type of card?  

>Is the driver writer around to explain what's happening? :)

I'm around but I'm not sure I can explain.
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