Subject: Re: NetBSD on Jensen, restarting..
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Wilko Bulte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/14/1997 19:26:26
As Curt Sampson wrote...

> On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Wilko Bulte wrote:
> > >'ll probably be a better starting point to
> > > push off from NetBSD-current...
> Oh yes, without question you should start with NetBSD-current.
> There have been a *lot* of changes in the Alpha port since 1.2.


> > Will the upcoming 1.3 NetBSD (december 97 if I'm not mistaken?)
> > use the same internal structure? I don't think I can track -current,
> > but maybe a snapshot of some sorts can be used?
> Well, tracking current is not that big a deal, actually, but yes,
> 1.3 and current are this week about as close as they will ever be. :-)
> (We cut the release branch from current next Monday.)

I think I'll wait for that. At least gives me a very distinguishable 
starting point ;-)

> What I'd recommend is that you install the latest snapshot on your

Is that on (or prefarably on, lot's
faster for me inside DEC)?

> Multia, and learn about sup and cvs. If you can get enough disk
> space (you'll want an extra gig or so) you can regularly update a

Hm, that should be possible. I work in Digital Storageengineering ;-)

> copy of a local source tree from the current source tree on
> Then you import this into your source tree, merge,
> and presto, you've got all the latest goop with your local changes
> in it.
> If you don't want to go that far, I'd just do hacking based on the
> current sources for the moment, and the 1.3 sources when they come
> out.

I'll wait a bit for 1.3

> > Don't shoot me for it, but there seems precious little RTFM to be done
> > around NetBSD/alpha. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So getting started
> > with this adventure currently is digging thru all kinds of info sources.
> Yeah, it's a bit of a harsh climb. You'll probably find you get
> most of your info regarding NetBSD from reading sources. If you
> need hardware and whatnot info, you can get that from the documentation
> Chris compiled and put up on our ftp server. I'd strongly recommend
> going and reading through all of the stuff on the Alpha ports pages
> on

Have done a bit already, and will continue to do so.

> Oh, and you probably want to order a copy of _The Alpha Architecture
> Handbook_, from Digital Press. I got mine from

Do you have a DEC part# for that (should be on the book)? Can probably get
it thru our internal channels.

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