Subject: Seeing weirdness on netbooted Alphastation 255
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: the Riz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/09/1997 09:46:43
First, a disclaimer:  I'm new to the alpha port, so I'm sure there's lots I
don't know.  Try not to be too hard on me if this is stupid stuff.  :-)

Once I figured out that Digital Unix's dhcp server (joind) is a piece of
crap, and installed the ISC dhcpd, I managed to get an AS255 with 128M
netbooted under the recent snapshot, off another AS255 running DU.

I see some weird, undesirable behaviour:

1.  The boot hangs at "checking for core dump..." until ^C is pressed.  I
assume this is related to the netboot thing, but it's less than desirable.

2.  Another hang at "building databases..."  This one may be my fault, as I
don't think it happened the *first* time it booted.  Not sure what I did,
tho, as I haven't even added users yet...

3.  From the console, root logins are refused because it thinks the login
is coming from "satlink0", even tho the login message says "console".
Editing /etc/ttys (from the nfs server) fixes that.

4.  Many commands (such as dmesg) hang indefinitely, once I finally get to
a root prompt.

5.  telnetting into the box resets the console login, and doesn't yield a
login prompt at the telnet session.

6.  In single user mode (probably in multiuser as well, but I haven't
checked), doing a 'disklabel sd0' (or a variant thereof) yields:
"disklabel: ioctl DIOCGDINFO: Inappropriate ioctl for device"

...any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.  I'm running off the
graphic console because I don't yet have the appropriate serial cable for
serial console (stupid db-9 connectors!), so getting console output will be
problematic for a bit, but I hope to get the proper cable soon.


Jeff Rizzo