Subject: Re: ARC Firmware?
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/06/1997 15:42:42
 > > 	There was some discussion on that a while back on
 > > 	Apparently there is some bit in the cpu (which Digital in all its
 > > 	wisdom decided could be used to distinguish between NT and UNIX
 > > 	such that in one version only ARC - NT would work.
 > Possible, but unlikely.   I was unable to find any evidence of such a
 > bit, or any OSF/1 behaviour that such a bit would disable.   And many
 > supposedly NT-only processors will run SRM - the P6, for example, is
 > documented as NT-only.   I think the actual problem is a bug in SRM
 > that the P7 processor tweaks - there are several documented
 > differences between the P6 and P7.
 > 		       _MelloN_

I think I've seen this.  Using palcode last modified in Dec 95 and my own
console, NetBSD will come up single user just fine, but the daemons bomb
out with MM faults during the multi-user boot.

I think it's because the EV56 wants some kind of a palcode tweak.
The behavior is a lot like the missing-imb problem. I haven't been able
to work on this since finding it, but hope to get back to it soon. I can
think of a few things that should track it down...