Subject: Re: Alphastation 200 hardware question
To: Kent Franken <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/27/1997 09:36:24
> I have an Alphastation 200 4/166 and was wondering if the CPU can be swapped out for a faster one like a 4/200 or a 5/xxx?

It can _probably_ be swapped out for a 200MHz EV4 or EV45 (I dunno
which came in the 200MHz part 8-) or a 233MHZ EV45.  However, I'm
definitely not saying you can do that, etc.; if you attempt it, it's
all on your own.  I seem to recall that there are jumpers on the
motherboard and possible an oscillator that would have to be replaced
if you want to change the CPU speed.

You can't replace it with an EV5 or EV56 (21164 or 21164A), for a
variety of reasons: different pinouts, different package size,
different bus interface, ...