Subject: Re: AlphaPC164
To: None <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/08/1997 08:41:00
>> Uh- do you mean that you have the ARC console now, but need to
>> switch to SRM? There's an option within the ARC console on doing
>> this..
>For some reason there is no mention of UNIX or SRM anywhere in the firware,
>peroiod.  The SRM users guide suggests that if the option to update SRM
>is not present, one should simply add the environment variable HAVE_SRM_CONSOLE
>and set it to TRUE.
>I don't have any of the hardware docs to this board, but I am pretty sure
>there is a way to have the machine overwrite it's firmware with am image
>from a disk at boot time.  My AlphaPC64 can do this... I would be suprised
>if the PC164 didn't have this.

Ah- it sounds like you have the ARC only f/w that I had when I got
my PC164. Do you have the SRM f/w? If so, you should be ableo to update
the flash rom via ARC (which then will be able to be swithched to
via ARC).

Go to the digital semiconductor page in your browser to get
the appropriate PDF files- I think it's: