Subject: Re: Anyone have an EB64+ that boots?
To: None <Benjamin.Culpepper@Eng.Sun.COM>
From: Carl S Shapiro <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/04/1997 18:39:07

> No, the first question is about running NetBSD/alpha on a system with NT
> firmware.  I have the NT firmware, which I understand does not work.  I also 
> have this "other" ROM, which I think at some point was used to boot OSF/1.
> This leads me to believe that it is in some ways similar to the SRM Console
> firmware, although it doesn't let you boot from a SCSI disk.  I agree that it
> would be easier if I just had an SRM image, but do you still think there's
> absolutely no chance of this working?  Better yet, does anyone know where I
> can get an SRM image to build a ROM out of?

The EB64+ doesn't have flashable firmware, so it is possible that you
were provided with two ROM's when you recieved your board.  Then again,
most machines have enough space in the ROM for both the OSF/1 and the
ARC consoles.  Who knows.

You can legidimately buy the SRM console for the Evaluation Boards from
Digital under an "evaluation" license.  The thing you want to order is
called the "Alpha EBSDK & Firmware Update Kit", part number QR-21B02.  It
costs about $75, and comes with a CD-ROM that has the SRM console for 
this particular board and most of the other EB and PC boards (with a few
execptions such as the EB66, and the "Windows NT only" machines).  One
the makes floppy disks (or ROM images in the case of the EB64+) in order
to install the new firmware.

Good luck.


P.S. shouldn't the existance of the EBSDK be mentioned in this FAQ?