Subject: Re: Anyone have an EB64+ that boots?
To: None <, port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Benjamin Culpepper <Benjamin.Culpepper@Eng.Sun.COM>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/04/1997 13:25:35
>    > [ booting without SRM ]
>    > Can anyone estimate my chances with this working?
> Sure, probability of success P == 0%.
> NetBSD Alpha needs the SRM console to provide the OSF/1 Palcode and also for
> some console system calls made at various boot stages and by the kernel.
> This issue comes up over and over again, you can set your clock by it. I was
> going to say it should be in the faq, but is there and in fact
> is the very first question.

No, the first question is about running NetBSD/alpha on a system with NT
firmware.  I have the NT firmware, which I understand does not work.  I also 
have this "other" ROM, which I think at some point was used to boot OSF/1.
This leads me to believe that it is in some ways similar to the SRM Console
firmware, although it doesn't let you boot from a SCSI disk.  I agree that it
would be easier if I just had an SRM image, but do you still think there's
absolutely no chance of this working?  Better yet, does anyone know where I
can get an SRM image to build a ROM out of?