Subject: c-news on NetBSD/Alpha?
To: None <qiclab!!,>
From: Snoopy <qiclab!sopwith!>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/29/1997 20:15:11
I'm trying to get c-news running under NetBSD/Alpha, but the
regression test fails.  Explode seg faults, which I've so far
traced to a call to closeone() with "data" == NULL.

I've fixed up everything gcc -Wall complains about,
and compiled with and without the optimiser.  I've looked
through the hash code a bit looking for something that screams
"this won't work with 64 bit longs and pointers", but haven't
found anything yet.  Gdb doesn't recognize the file format.

Machine: DEC Multia/UDB
CPU: DEC Alpha
OS: NetBSD 1.2
Compiler: gcc version 2.7-95q4
C-news: 1995.apr.27

clues?  hints?  ideas?

   /_____\   Snoopy