Subject: Re: DE205 supported in NetBSD?
To: William Wanders <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/13/1997 17:33:30
At 08:18 PM 6/12/97 -0400, Matt Thomas wrote:
>I now have a working DEC EtherWORKS III driver for NetBSD.  It uses the
>bus_* stuff and should be MI.  I've only created an ISA attachment for 
>now.  (I'll do the EISA one in a day or two).  It seems to run fine under
>NetBSD/i386 1.2D.  It should work under NetBSD/alpha (that's the point
>of MI drivers).  However, my NetBSD/alpha machine only has a TurboChannel
>so I can't test it.

I compiled an Alpha kernel today and got some warnings.  I also improved
the receive and transmit speed by 50% and 10% respectively and decreased
the system overhead by half.  I also fixed up the ifmedia support so it's

>The driver is at and should
>be untarred into your src tree.  lc.diffs contains a patch for 
>sys/conf/files and sys/dev/isa/files.isa.  It also has a sample 
>config line at the front.

I screwed up last night and put up a wrongly named file on the web server.
Today's is

I promise I'm not going to look at this driver any more this weekend!
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