Subject: Re: Alpha pci133 Memory
To: Stan Pietkiewicz <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/09/1997 17:56:54
Stan Pietkiewicz wrote
> Now that I've got some time to put this motherboard into a case, add some 
>  more parts, and call it a computer, a significant question has come up: 
> Will 16mb of RAM be enough for NetBSD (for a file server), or should I go 
> for more??
> Yeah, I know, all requirements will grow to fill the available memory 
> space in no time flat!!!!
> Considering this is a relatively low priority project, I'm not too 
> inclined to spend a really big pile of money for 64mb, when 16 will 
> do.... 

Hmm, I am running this machine with 32MB and its getting a bit 
tight... (with squid, inn, apachei, msql,  mail-server etc...). I consider
32MB a bare minimum. I wouldn't dare running it with 16MB

If you can spare the extra cash for memory would be a good investment.
Well I am going to get another 32MB soon.....

just my 2 Pfennig

cheerio Berndt
Name	: Berndt Josef Wulf
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Sysinfo	: DEC AXPpci33+, NetBSD-1.2