Subject: Help with disklabel pls
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Mike Grommet <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/03/1997 09:51:59
Well, I did get the alpha port dd'ed to the hard drive successfully
and the thing boots and even has net access to it (*cheer*),
but I need assistance in how to disklabel the rest of the drive
so I can use it.  The drive is a CFP1080S (Conner)
I wouldnt ask for help except I really screwed it up the first time
when I tried it on my own.  Also, I have some other questions,
and I apologize in advance for their simplicity.  I have been
babied by using BSDI and FreeBSD that set much stuff up for me...

First, anyone written an adduser script?  I dont feel too comfortable
adding users by hand.  The script  I have is written in perl
and there is no perl on this machine (yet).

Second, where do I specify a name server for this machine?

Third, any problems using apache on netbsd for alpha?

Fourth, as a side question does the Multia use standard
72 pin partity simms?  I know I could find this out from DEC
but I figured someone here would know as well :)

Anyway, back to the disklabel situation:

Here is what disklabel returns:
 # /dev/rsd0c:
type: SCSI
disk: rz25
bytes/sector: 512
sectors/track: 62
tracks/cylinder: 9
sectors/cylinder: 558
cylinders: 1476
total sectors: 823608
rpm: 3600
interleave: 1
trackskew: 0
cylinderskew: 0
headswitch: 0		# milliseconds
track-to-track seek: 0	# milliseconds
drivedata: 0 

4 partitions:
#        size   offset    fstype   [fsize bsize   cpg]
  a:   111600        0    4.2BSD     1024  8192    16 	# (Cyl.    0 - 199)
  b:   111600   111600      swap                    	# (Cyl.  200 - 399)
  c:   823608        0    unused        0     0       	# (Cyl.    0 - 1475)
  d:   600408   223200    4.2BSD     1024  8192    16 	# (Cyl.  400 - 1475)

Thanks for everyones help here... I really do appreciate it.

Mike Grommet
Internet Solutions, Inc.
System Admin & Web Page Designer