Subject: Re: Alpha X server limitations
To: None <>
From: Ben Tober <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/28/1997 15:17:32
> As I understand it, the Linux console stuff is designed to make it
> look like a PC.  This is totally the wrong model for things like
> the TurboChannel framebuffers (like on my DEC 3000/400 :-).
Hmm, this could be the wrong impression, but I believe that console
interfaces (in the context of X) usually just deal with the keyboard and
possibly the mouse but usually not the framebuffer.  I thought that
framebuffers were generally mmap()'d into the address space of the X server.
How would that be an inapplicable technique for a TC framebuffer?  It
always seemed pretty generic to me.  Granted, it doesn't necessarily work
well where the framebuffer occupies some IO address space (which generally
could not be mmap()'d, or at least on some CPUs could not be) and the X
server needs to have high-performance access to that IO address space.
In that case, in fact, I'm not sure how one should deal with it...