Subject: Re: Alpha X server limitations
To: Ben Tober <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/28/1997 14:30:59
> I've noticed that the X server (from the November 27 binary snapshot) doesn't
> seem to support the caps lock key as such, the keyboard LEDs, or automatic
> key repeat.  I find at least the last of these annoying enough that I'd be
> willing to work on fixing it.  Before I start, however, I wanted to check
> whether anyone else might already be working on this.

So, there are lots of limitations with Alpha X server support right now.

Crappy keyboard support is one of them.  The other big one is "no
support for anything other than the TGA."  8-)

I'm in the process of seriously whacking the console interface used by
the Alphas, which should at least allow some of these problems to be
addressed in a sane manner.  (I've been in the process of doing this
for a while, but things have been stalled recently.  8-)

It should be to a point within a few days where it's ready to be
released to the world, if i can beat an X server into working

Several notes/comments here:

	(1) the new console interface will break existing X servers.

	(2) we still need to get alpha X support into some
	    maintainable state, preferably into the Xfree86 tree.
	    Unfortunately, it's not clear to me that it'll drop
	    easily into XFree86 because of the assumptions made
	    in that code about access to system resources.

	(3) I hate hacking X, and want to minimize the amount of
	    X hacking that I have to do.  8-)