Subject: Re: DEC 2000 axp (jensen??)
To: Martin Ostermann <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/30/1996 07:29:12
> I was eventually going to ask the question about the Jensen status
> myself, since I havn't found that information in the WWW, other than
> being not mentioned. I have some interest in running BSD on my Jensen,
> since I used to be much happier with (Free-)BSD than with Linux on my
> Intel. OTOH, Linux is allready quite complete on Alpha (X-Servers,
> shared libraries, etc...), so what's the status of NetBSD/alpha in
> this respect? Sorry, if that sounded ignorant, but IMHO there is only
> little information about the NetBSD/Alpha port available via WWW.

In general, lists of stuff that is supported are on the web server,
and lists of stuff that is not supported are in the various FTPable
README-ish files.  (This is mostly because i only have a finite amount
of time to be updating the web pages, and really prefer plain text for
basic system information, like supported hardware lists.  Anyway, if
you find deficiencies in the various README-ish files, get in touch
with me and i'll try to correct them.  If you notice sections of them
that should go on the web site, point them out and i'll try to put
them up.  The readme-ish files i'm thinking of can be found in, and are the ones
named README, STATUS, and TODO.users.

People are working on ELF + shared libraries support (I happen to be
one of them, but i'm not doing much right now due to lack of time).
As for X, well, see the mail the I sent out a few days ago.

If people want to work on these things, _great_!  I'd welcome the
help.  But very few people actually seem to _want_ to help, and NetBSD
is more or less a user-supported OS.