Subject: Re: DEC 2000 axp (jensen??)
To: None <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/29/1996 17:43:31
> greetings,...
> i'm a new subscriber, and have recently inherited a dec 2000/150
> machine.
> currently there is no os installed.  we tried to install redhat linux,
> but could never get the system to mount a device (nfs or cd rom),.. 
> therefore, could never truly install.  i was told about netbsd as a
> good os for this machine (someone called it a jensen?).

No, that hardware is not currently supported by NetBSD/Alpha.  Whoever
told you that was incorrect.

The NetBSD/Alpha distribution 'STATUS' file says:

>At this time none of the following systems are supported:
>        DECpc AXP 150 systems (EISA-bus PC-like systems)
>        Alpha "server" systems (other than perhaps the
>            AlphaServer 400, which might be an AlphaStation 400
>            in disguise).
>        Multiprocessor Alpha systems
>I was hoping to get a DECpc AXP port working "for free" based on
>the PCI work, but the DECpc AXP is a very different (and, in my
>opinion, very alien) piece of hardware.  If somebody wants to make
>NetBSD/Alpha run on the DECpc AXP system, get in touch and I'll do
>what I can to help you get started.

The DECpc AXP 150, a.k.a. Jensen, a.k.a. the DEC 2000/300 (_not_
"DEC 2000/150", if any documentation i've seen is current), is what
you have.