Subject: Re: Any experince with this alpha?
To: Andrew Gallatin <gallatin@CS.Duke.EDU>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/26/1996 19:50:10
> I think I can confirm this -- As I recall, the 3000/300LX is a 125Mhz
> 21064 w/256K of cache.  My former employer had a pair of them, and
> they were noticably slower than a 100Mhz Mustang, which has a 21064a
> w/512k cache.

Of course, there are several other categories in which the Mustang
beats the Pelica+ (3000/300LX):

	(1) The Pelica+'s 21064 CPU only has 8k on-chip cache, while
	    the Mustang's 21064A has 16k.

	(2) The Pelica+ has only a 12.5MHz TurboChannel, while
	    the Mustaing has what can more or less be considered
	    a "normal" PCI implementation.  (Hey, everybody remember
	    how dog-slow the Maxine was?  DEC decided to build another
	    machine like that! 8-) 

	(3) Both the SCSI and ethernet in the Mustang are
	    significantly 'smarter' than the ones in the Pelica+
	    (and other TC-based systems).