Subject: Re: Any experince with this alpha?
To: Chris G Demetriou <>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/26/1996 15:33:38
First - Thanks to all the work Chris has done on the Alpha port (and 
previously when he was part of core)

On Mon, 26 Aug 1996, Chris G Demetriou wrote:

> I ordered a couple of those machines, and also got 2 16MB simms for
Are the sims the same kind (72 pin with/wo parity) which are readily 
available for the PC market?

> > I can get this system (without monitor) for $800 which seems like a good
> > bang for the buck.  
> probably without monitor or keyboard, actually.  8-)
The keyboard LK411 (108 Key, Digital layout) Keyboard
is included in this price.

> It's an OK deal, i'd say.  They're not incredibly speedy machines.
> I'd guess that an intel box would beat them in terms of
> price/performance, but i can't say for sure.

The 166MZ Pentium Pro chip is about $600 on the net.
The 166MZ Pentium chip is about $800.  (I think Intel is trying to get
people on to the Pentium Pro).

However I checked out what benchmarks on the Intel processors are
Pentium(R) Pro Processor Benchmarks

            Corrected    Corrected
            SPECint92* SPECint_base92*
150MHz        245.0        229.1
166MHz        293.1        274.7
180MHz        288.6        269.5
200MHz        320.2        298.2

Results measured on Intel Alder systems. 

Pentium(R) Processor Systems

            Corrected      Corrected
            SPECint92*   SPECint_base92*
100MHz        137.7          126.2
120MHz        157.3          143.6
133MHz        174.2          160.5
150MHz        181.4          165.2
166MHz        197.5          181.6
While Dec-Alphas 21066A micro processor:
Best-in-class performance 
              233-MHz, 166-MHz, and 100-MHz operation 
              Superscalar (dual issue) 
              Peak instruction execution rate of 466 MIPS (233 MHz) 
              High-performance benchmarks
              97 SPECint92 (estimated) (233)
              112 SPECfp92 (estimated) (233)
              189.5 V2.1 Dhrystone MIPS (233)
              89.8 V2.1 Dhrystone MIPS (100)

Is it possible that the 166MHZ Alpha perform at 69 SPECint92 (97 * 166/233)
while the 100MHZ regular Pentium performs at 138 SPECint92 (_Twice_ the