Subject: Any experince with this alpha?
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/26/1996 11:19:58
Dear Alpha People,
   It looks like DEC is dumping some alphas and various vendors are selling
these systems.  Does anyone have experince with the following system:
 166 alpha (UDB by Digital Equipment)
21066 motherboard
256K cache
340MB hard drive
1.44Mb floppy
1 PCI slot
2 PCMCIA slots
10baseT/10base2 ethernet on board
16 bit sound w/speaker on board
PS/2 type keyboard
3 button mouse
In particular does X run well on this machine (I guess the video is built 
into the mother board).  Also it appears that there is built in SCSI for
the hard drive but I cannot tell.

Is 24MB enough space for a alpha (I know it is a RISC processor and has
64 bit words so my guess is it would take more memory than a 32 bit 

Does the current alpha port of NetBSD support PCMCIA cards - I would need to 
have a modem (ppp) and know there are PCMCIA cards - I don't see serial on 
the board.

I can get this system (without monitor) for $800 which seems like a good
bang for the buck.  

I've used NetBSD on the i386 and pmax.