Subject: Re: DEC Multia/166 Video Shift
To: The Terminator rAT <>
From: Pat Jensen <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/08/1996 10:06:48
I had the same problem on my DEC EasyWebServer running NetBSD, supposedly
there are some motherboard jumpers you can set to kick it down to a lower
res.  My question is - why does the NT console work and the SRM console not?


On Sun, 4 Aug 1996, The Terminator rAT wrote:

> Greetings!  I am the proud owner of a DEC Multia/166 running NetBSD 1.2A.
> The machine runs well, but the video output has three distinct horizontal
> offsets and widths.  The Alpha is connected to a MAG 19" multisync monitor.
> I have adjusted the horizontal width and offset on the monitor to display
> the console correctly (i.e. full width and height and centered).
> When the machine is booted, the SRM console prompt appears offset to the
> left of the screen by several character widths, as is the initial boot 
> loader output.
> After the NetBSD kernel changes the console to "Sun" mode, the text is 
> shifted to the right a bit.  The text of the boot messages is correctly
> centered on the screen (because I've adjusted the monitor to do so).
> Upon starting X, the X server screen extends off the left and right of the
> monitor screen.  The change is large enough that I cannot adjust my monitor
> to fit the entire screen into the phosphor area.
> The vertical height/offset seems to remain unchanged through these three
> changes.  The actual horizontal offset seems to vary slightly each time the
> machine is booted.
> I have tried playing with the '-dpi xxx' flag on the Xserver to attempt to
> fix this problem, without success.  Without a '-dpi 100' switch, xdpyinfo
> returns a 90x90 dpi.  This problem occurred both with my own machine, and
> also with the machine Jason Thorpe lent me (thanks!).
> Is anyone else seeing this problem?  Can anyone suggest a fix for it?  I'm
> really getting tired of playing with the offsets on the monitor everytime
> I switch between X, the console and the boot ROM.
> Thanks!
> 	-rAT
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